Ways to quit smoking using natural resources

Everyone who was ever a smoker knows how difficult it is to abandon this bad habit. While we often try to find help in outdoor activities (which can also be helpful), here are some options to help you quit smoking in the comfort of your own home, without using expensive medicine and cigarette replacements, nicotine patches, etc.

Water – the best natural detoxifier. We all heard medical advice telling us to drink 2-3 liters of water a day, and there’s plenty of reasons to do so. As we keep our bodies hydrated, we also continuously help our body get rid of the toxins, just by drinking plenty of water. Since nicotine is a harmful substance our body registers as a toxin, water will help us get rid of it from our body.

GingerGinger – it often happens that in our pursuit for a healthier life, we have some “side-effects” of letting our body come back to its natural state. Nausea is one of the symptoms that give a hard time to people who are trying to quit. Ginger is known to be good against nausea and can help you calm your stomach, whether you take in in a form of a pill, tablets, or tea.

Vitamins – as you start cleansing your body from toxins, it might need some help. Vitamins are vital resource in this obstacle, and keeping your body energized, mineral and vitamin rich is very important. They also help with the withdrawal symptoms that are one of the reasons people start smoking again, thinking they cannot follow through with it, and they can help decrease the cravings. Vitamins A, C, and E, are essential for giving your body the strength to repair itself, and the best way to get them is to eat fruits and vegetables rich in aforementioned vitamins.

Ginseng Ginseng is an essential and extremely helpful if you want to combat cravings specifically. Using a tablespoon of ginseng in your soup, tea, juice, cereals or oatmeal, especially in the morning, can be a strong ally in combating cravings to smoke. Keep in mind that you might already be taking ginseng in your multivitamins, so before adding a tablespoon of ginseng powder, check the label on the back of your multivitamins.

Grape juice – Last but not the least, grape juice. The biggest and hardest part of conquering your addiction is getting rid of the nicotine in your body. Once nicotine is out, and your body is clean of it, you should not feel any more cravings or withdrawal symptoms. As we said before, water is a great detoxifier, but grape juice is also one of the handy tools to help you overcome the addiction. Acids in grape juice will re-energize your body since they are natural detoxifiers with plenty of electrolytes, and will rejuvenate your metabolism, helping your body purge toxins outside of it.

In the end, it is the toxins and the cravings that are main culprits for low energy levels of the ones trying to quit. Combating those is a sure way to help your body get back on a healthy track.

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