Quit smoking medications – Best meds that help cure nicotine addiction

While most people is trying to quit smoking without outside assistance, a certain amount of them is willing to seek medical advice in order to find the medicine that can help to win the battle with addiction. There are two types of medications that can help, but only if you use them correctly with the instructions of your doctor.

Medicines that Replace Nicotine

These types of drugs are ones who can give you a small dose of nicotine in order to replace your desire for cigarettes without using any other dangerous ingredients that can be found in them. You can buy them in any drugstore without a prescription (except nicotine spray) and they come in several different forms. Usually, together with their doctor people seek this kind of medicines to find best one for treatment that lasts for a few months. Most known types of these drugs are chewing gums or pastilles. Taking these medicines every day can increase your chances of quitting but without using tobacco products or mixing them with any drinks otherwise they are less effective or dangerous for your health. Discomfort in your throat and mouth are just some of side effects that you can feel if you use this drugs incorrectly. Medicines Patch is also much known as the drug that can help a lot. It comes in a few different strengths and instructions which help you to find the right strength to start with. By wearing a patch on different parts of your body for sixteen hours per day, you are getting a replacement for nicotine. You can do all your daily activities including showering or swimming but there can be side effects like ruddiness or grumpiness on your skin if you don’t change the location of the patch each day. The spray is the only replacement medicine that requires the prescription from your doctor. It goes through nose, couple of times per hour every day for three to six months. There can be some side effects similar to cold symptoms like running nose but they are going to disappear after a couple of weeks.

Prescription Medicines without Nicotine

For these types of drugs, you always need the prescription. Bupropion hydrochloride is a medicine that can help you to stop addiction even his main purpose is to cure depression, Varenicline also can help you. These medicines are coming in form of pill and their purpose is to block chemicals in your brain that create cravings to start smoking again. It takes some time before these drugs begin to work and you need to start using them before you stop smoking. You must talk to your doctor first and give him the complete list of any other types of drugs you are using to avoid any complications or the consequences that can cause these medicines along with others you are taking. Also, this can be used only with support of friends and family in order to prevent any unwanted actions and to stay in touch with your professional healthcare

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