To Help You Quit Smoking

Our philosophy:

We understand that smoking is a serious issue in the modern world because many of us have been smokers ourselves. After we had stopped and realized how dangerous and deadly it really is, we decided to do our best and reach out to as many people who want to shake this habit as we can.

5 Tips to stop smoking

These are five easy tips that could help you forget about cigarettes.

Don’t smoke any cigar of any type. Smoking only a couple cigarettes a day is enough to put you at risk.

Write down all the reasons why you want to quit smoking

Understand that quitting is going to take lots of effort

Half of the adults that wanted to quit have succeeded and so can you

Ask someone for help if you can’t do it alone

No Smoking


  • I have been trying to quit smoking for years but I kept failing. That’s when I came across this website and the people were very polite and they helped me forget about smoking.

    John Sawyer


  • I wasn’t much of a smoker, or so I thought. It took me years of preparation to even try to stop smoking and this site only helped me push on.

    Jill James


  • Everyone in my family is a smoker and smoking is something I grew up with. It wasn’t until I read a couple of articles here that I wanted to quit.

    Alex Frost


  • I found this website very informative and complete. They gave me insight into all the areas that deal with smoking and now I am finally free of this nasty habit.

    Martin Smith



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