Helpful ways to quit smoking

You decided to quit smoking, congratulations, first step is always the hardest! But, it will not be easy, and you may fail and try over and over again, until you finally succeed. Here we will briefly discuss a few methods and plans to quit smoking, to give you a basic introduction, and to let you know what to expect.
Everyone who tried to quit smoking know that there is more than one way to quit smoking. What is important is to create a plan, and stick to it. Some plans work better than others for some people, so if you decided to quit, don’t dwell on it if you didn’t succeed the first time. Persistence pays off. Some of the most common plans include quitting cold turkey, behavioral therapies, NRT ( Nicotine replacement therapy), medications, and combined treatments.
As many as 90% of the people who tried to quit smoking, tried quitting cold turkey, without any aid or assistance by other products or plans, and although this is a most frequent options those who want to quit choose, only 4% to 7% actually manage to quit using this plan.
Behavioral therapy focuses on working with a counselor to help an individual find triggers that create the desire to smoke, and finding helpful ways to avoid those triggers.

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NRT uses nicotine patches, gums, inhalers, sprays, etc, to slowly but steadily decrease level of nicotine in your body, until it no longer craves it. It works the best with the support of friends and family, and what is important to remember is that the end goal is not just stopping tobacco use, but also ending the nicotine addiction.
Medications that help battle withdrawal symptoms and block the effect of nicotine/tobacco in case a person starts smoking again. Bupropion, Chantix and Varenicline are two most known, and both of them are prescribed.
Combination treatments focuses on, well, combining aforementioned methods together, to increase the chances of quitting. Using the nicotine patch and a gum simultaneously might be better than using the patch alone, Nicotine replacement therapy in addition to behavioral therapy might yield better results than NRT alone. It is important to keep in mind that FDA hasn’t approved using two types of NRT at the same time, so it is extremely important to firstly discuss any combination treatment with your doctor, before starting one on your own. No matter which method you choose, it is important to stick to the plan, and to find a path that works the best for you.

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