Books to help you quit smoking

It may sound strange, but yes, books can help you quit smoking! In the sea of methods, therapies, and treatments to quit smoking, one often very overlooked method is actually reading books on this subject. Self-help genre of literature is an industry of its own, and is proven to be extremely helpful in many cases. Here we are going to name some of the best titles that focus on helping you quit!

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Jacquelyn Rogers – You Can Stop Smoking

In this book Jacquelyn talks about her own struggle with nicotine addiction, promising to the readers that the book will help them stop smoking in just 4 weeks. Over a million people claim that this exact book helped them quit smoking for good, no matter how long they were smoking for before that.

Cassius Cheong’s Positively Quit Manual: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Stop Smoking

The writer, Cassius, took somewhat of a different approach when writing this book. Instead of giving a specific plan, he provides reasoning behind the desire to smoke, and uses logical arguments to make the reader see this habit in a different way. Instead of telling you exactly what to do, this book makes you think for yourself, giving you the opportunity to find your own reason to quit.


Jim Lacey – The Smoke Stops Here

Using a narrative style and a few fictional stories, Jim provides compelling arguments to give up this bad habit. Stories are intertwined with Jim’s personal insight, attempting to give you a nudge in the right direction, to find your own reason to quit smoking. The book itself doesn’t feel like a self-help guide, making it more likely that readers are actually going to read it from start to finish with ease.

Allen Car – Easy way to stop smoking

The best-selling book in the list, with millions of copies sold worldwide, and it might just be the book that will make you quit as well. Numerous people confirmed that it did actually help them stop smoking and change their life completely, making them healthy again. The book offers profound insight on smoking and the life of a smoker, strongly encouraging readers to make beneficial changes in their own lives.

This list is by no means exclusive and complete, but just a small guide for the ones who are trying to quit. If you are reading this, then you already made the first step, and these books should help you go through with your decision to quit.

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