Best home remedies to quit smoking

ginger teaTo successfully alternate or switch the activity of cigarette smoking with any activity we have to analyze some physiological processes in advance. Why humans smoke cigarettes? Why we smoke so many cigarettes per day? Why we spend so much money and why we simply can’t quit the trend of smoking whenever we chose to? Ok, let’s see what happens when we light a cigarette… Cigarettes contain anywhere from 8 to 20 mg of nicotine. Most cigarettes are at the lower end of spectrum which puts the average amount of nicotine in one cigarette at 12 mg. Nicotine raises both blood pressure and heart rate. Blood pressure raises whenever arteries narrow. So lighting a cigarette is simply a quick fix to cheer up on the physiological level (internal chemistry). In 21st century, society has numerous ways and solutions on how to artificially increase the energy level to satisfy the needs of fast lane, modern age standards. Some of those solutions are more or less harmful to some extent. There are some healthy options as well, but the fact is that those options are not that of a rush in a way that they simply can’t provide the same benefits in the same short time window. Natural stuff works on more controlled, extended day to day lifestyle. Your point should be to kick in with as less active and less harmful solutions in general. Cayenne pepper

  1. Water: drink at least eight glasses of water per day, substitute it whenever you feel tempted to light a cigarette. It has the power as an ultimate remedy to treat the habit of smoking. If you don`t have problem with spikes of blood pressure or heart rate, simply dissolve 1/4 of a teaspoon, of sea salt (or any natural salt), and some lemon juice to alternate that bad boy nicotine and his effect on your system.
  2. Cayenne pepper: one of the best remedies to switch with, when doing best to stop smoking
  3. Rosemary: as cayenne pepper, it is also one of the best options to cheer up the circulatory system. It stimulates the central nervous system as well! Simply mince it and consume it raw with a proper meal or salty snack. Digestion takes time so it lacks fast reaction.
  4. Ginger (tea): such a healthy option to make your hands busy by preparing it by cutting the root, and enjoying the tea afterwards.
  5. Black tea: contains significant amount of caffeine so it`ll do the trick as well
  6. Lemonade: with or without sugar, one glass will boost your energy level and make you satisfied for a while.
  7. Candy bars are less of an healthy option but there are alternatives that are less popular like protein bars which contain less sugar, so just check those labels to make a better choice.

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