Benefits of smoking cessation

Everyone who tried to quit smoking know how difficult it is to resist the urge to light another cigarette. Reminding yourself of the benefits of not smoking is a great way to avoid a relapse. Human body is amazing at repairing itself, and when it comes to smoking induced problems, healing starts only 12 hours after your last cigarette. As nicotine is cleansed from our body, cravings increase, and that’s why everyone who quit smoking will say how difficult it is to persist through the first few days. Irritability, weight gain, dry mouth, coughing, are just some of the symptoms of withdrawal. Your body is starting to fight the addiction. Hardest part, the beginning Within just 20 minutes, your blood pressure, pulse and body temperature of hand and feet come back to normal rates. After 8 hours, carbon monoxide level drops down to normal, while oxygen level increases. Only 24 hours later chances of getting a heart attack decrease. Few days later, your taste and smell abilities are strengthened, and nerve endings start to regrow. And all of that happens in just a few days after quitting! Breath First year As more time goes by, walking becomes easier, circulation of blood improves, lung capacity increases by up to 30 percent. Coughing, fatigue, and shortness of breath decrease, sinuses become clearer. Bodies ability to clear the lungs improves, as well as the ability to handle mucus, while cilia in lungs starts to regrow. Generally, after just 9 months, your body’s average energy levels are increased. After 1 year, the risk of coronary heart diseases is halved. Long term benefits 5 years down the road, the risks of getting cancer (lung, mouth, esophagus, etc) are halved, and risk of a stroke is that of a nonsmoker. In 10 years, death rate of lung cancer is equal to that of a person who never smoked, precancerous cells are replaced, and in 15 years, risk of getting a coronary heart disease is as if you never smoked before! Quitting is difficult, and anyone who quit will confirm that, but the time you added to your life, and the health regained are definitely worth the struggle!  

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